Sacramento Window Cleaning Services

Professional Sacramento window cleaning services, in business since 1967.

  • We start by removing and cleaning the screen in whichever way is most appropriate. If the screen is dusty, we simply dry clean it and wipe the dust off. If there is more than a little dust we will hose it off and brush the debris away.
  • We then dry the screen and set aside to be replaced at the end of the window cleaning process.
  • Windows are wet with a lambs wool applicator and gentle cleaning solution. We make sure not to drip any water inside the home.
  • If scrubbing is we needed, we take a non abrasive white cleaning pad and scrub any dirt or debris away before squeegeeing the window dry.
  • Quickly wipe the sill and track, and off to the next window.
  • Stain removal is a more intense process and can be explained in detail if requested by customer.


Benefits of Sacramento Window Cleaning ServicesSacramento window cleaning services

Ideally, windows should be cleaned a minimum of once a month. Clean windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have many other benefits as well. Below are a handful of reasons to keep your windows and window tracks bright and shiny with our Sacramento window cleaning services.

Clean windows are happy windows – Everything looks better through a clean window. Whether a home or business – smudges, streaks, spots, grime on your windows is a distraction. As a business, clean windows give your customers a great first impression and shows that you have an attention to detail that will likely carry over into the rest of your business.

Energy efficiency – Clean and clear windows add to their energy efficiency. This will allow more sunlight to come through, harnessing the power of the sun to warm your home or business naturally during winter. Additionally, dirt, dust and dead bugs tend to accumulate in the tracks of your window. If left there, this could keep your windows from sealing properly, creating the potential for air and water leaks.  Utilize our Sacramento window cleaning services to keep your windows in great shape!

Indoor air quality – Many people in the Sacramento Valley suffer from seasonal and / or environmental allergies. Windows and window tracks can be magnets for dust, dirt, pollen, bugs and mold. Regular cleaning of your windows and window tracks will go a long way in helping to manage these allergies.

The longevity of your windows – Replacing windows is expensive. Cleaning your windows and window tracks on a regular basis, adds to the overall life of your windows in many ways, both on the interior of your home or business as well as the exterior. When dust, dirt, sludge and dead bugs prevent your windows from sealing properly, it creates an opportunity for air and water leaks. Water leaks can be particularly damaging, both structurally and environmentally. On the exterior, besides being unsightly, hard water, acid rain and oxidation can create a host of issues, including fogging and condensation. This could lead to needing to replace your windows and the possibility of significant structural repair and mold remediation.

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