Sacramento Mini Blinds Cleaning

Professional Sacramento mini blinds cleaning services, in business since 1967.  We pride ourselves in our hand cleaning method for your mini blinds.  For a period of time, we used an ultrasonic cleaner like many other companies, but we found that we would have to clean them by hand after the ultrasonic cleaning to clean the blinds to our standards.  Nothing beats a careful and detailed hand cleaning!

  • We will carefully remove your mini blinds and take them outside to our truck to clean by hand.  (Because of the delicate nature of vertical blinds, they will remain in your home or office and be cleaned by hand in place.)
  • Your mini blinds will first be hung on the side of our truck and hosed off.
  • They will then be gently cleaned with a soft, hand held bristle brush and a non toxic cleaning solution.
  • Your mini blinds will be dried by hand and carefully rehung in your home or office.
  • We will leave you with sparkling clean mini blinds and a very light, fresh lemony scent!

*Our mini blinds cleaning service is for aluminum and faux wood blinds.  We do not clean fabric or wood blinds.


The Benefits of Mini Blinds CleaningSacramento mini blinds cleaning

There are many benefits to utilizing our Sacramento mini blinds cleaning service on a regular basis – from looking fantastic to reducing health concerns.

Clean and dust free mini blinds look nicer – Don’t let dust and grime cloud your view – keep your mini blinds clean and dust free!

Keep your windows cleaner longer – Each time you open or close your mini blinds, any dust that may be on them is disturbed and disseminated throughout your home. One of the many places that dust ends up is on your windows, causing you to have to clean your windows sooner than you might have had to otherwise.

Allergies – Many people in the Sacramento area have allergies to pollen, molds and household dust. Allergies are a nuisance at best, and at worst, totally debilitating. Did you know that the air in your home or office can be up to 10 dirtier than the air outside? Dust, pollens and molds get into your home or office through open windows and doors, the attic and little air leaks throughout. Mini blinds attract this dust, pollen and molds like a magnet. With a good mini blinds cleaning, you will help to keep environmental allergies, and other health concerns related to household dust, at bay.

Give us a call for a quote for our Sacramento mini blinds cleaning service!

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