Sacramento Gutter Cleaning

Professional Sacramento gutter cleaning services, in business since 1967.  Sacramento gutter cleaning consists of removing any and all debris from rain gutters, from an experienced professional.

  • When debris is removed and disposed of we flush all of the downspouts to ensure they are working properly.
  • If clogged, we make sure to unclog it prior to our departure.
  • We will not walk on tile roof unless absolutely necessary, which we are trained to do properly.
  • If there are any leaves and debris on the roof, we can remove and clean it for an additional cost.  If this is the case, your technician will discuss with you at that time.

Benefits of Keeping Your Rain Gutters Clean and Clear Sacramento gutter cleaning service

Rain gutters provide an essential function – they direct rainwater where you want it to go. Given a choice, rainwater might decide to go elsewhere and that could cause you a whole host of problems. In Sacramento gutter cleaning is best done before the rainy season starts.  Below is a few benefits to keeping your rain gutters clean and clear and flowing freely.

Sagging Gutters

Leaves and debris collect in your rain gutters. Allowed to remain, these leaves and debris can become saturated with water, making it heavy, causing your gutters to sag. Sagging gutters not only look bad, but can create other issues as well. This could cause water to leak into your home or business, creating the potential for water damage. Water damage can lead to costly repairs and create health concerns due to mold and mildew. Keep your gutters clean and looking good!


The accumulation of leaves and debris creates a perfect sanctuary for pests of all sorts, including cockroaches, mites, mosquitoes and termites. From there, these pests may make their way into the interior of the your home or business through any structural damage that may have occurred do to leaks or rot.


When your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, the water will accumulate at different points along your structure and may cause rot around wooden areas.  Terrible looking rot can take away from the appearance of your home or business and can be very costly to repair.


When your gutters get too heavy with dirt, debris and leaves, they could collapse. This creates the potential for extensive water damage to your home or business, inside and out. This type of flooding and collapse could be avoided through the regular cleaning and maintenance of your rain gutters.

Rust Stains

When your gutters are full of dirt and leaves and the water can’t flow freely down the gutter spout, the water will create its’ own path at the different points, creating unsightly water and rust stains on your structure.


When your gutters are full of dirt, leaves and other debris, this creates the perfect environment for mold to develop.  Once this happens, the mold can be very difficult to get rid of.  You can prevent mold from becoming an issue by having your gutters cleaned out regularly.

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